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Richmond Teacher Mentoring/Induction Program

The Richmond Teacher Mentoring/Induction Program is a joint program of the school district and the Richmond Teacher's Association (RTA), offered to all beginning teacher(s) as they become members of our educational community. The Advisory Committee consists of representatives from the RTA and the district. District teachers organize workshops and maintains a communication network amongst participants. Schools support the formation of mentor pairs and may also design other activities to support the beginning teacher(s) in their schools.

Goals of the Program:
The goals of the program are:
  1. To provide a stimulating and supportive introduction to the profession.
  2. To create an environment of professional dialogue and co-learning.
  3. To provide support in dealing with management matters.
The project is organized to include the following elements for beginning teachers:
  • An orientation to the program for all participants
  • A series of sessions with TOC release and after school sessions
  • Support for peer observation within schools
  • Opportunities for beginning and experienced teachers to co-plan, co-assess, and co-teach
  • Access to professional resources outside the school